Meet the John & Sarah Alldredge Family

Our journey together began in 2012. John was a chef with the heart of a teacher who was passionate about nutrition & simple foods. Sarah was a single mom trying to figure out whole grain baking so she could feed her kids better.  We were married that year & our healthier lifestyle & family business began.

We've met many of our customers at the farmer's markets we've baked for in the Phoenix metro area.  Now we bake personally for our customers & clients at our ranch home location in Mesa. Whole grain wheat is especially important to us. John's uncles continue to run the family's farm that's been in operation since 1943. We mill their all natural wheat for many of our products, bringing you baked goods from a family business that are truly farm to table. 

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Our breads start on the farm

John's Uncle Dave still works the farm he grew up on. His wheat is 100% all natural and the pride of our bakery.


We've always been a family business

Max & Della Johnson started working the farm in Sutherland, UT in 1943. Della started a bakery in their home on the farm & eventually supplied the local grocery store with baked goods. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


We're your personal bakery

We bake by pre-order & consider our customers part of our Bread Brothers Family. If we haven't had the chance to bake for you yet, we'd love to meet you!

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