Popular Food Culture is WRONG! Don't fall for it.

We've got to ignore popular food culture. I just can't say it loud enough. When it comes to health and wellness, mainstream ideas are completely wrong. 

Please think about what popular culture is telling you to feed or not to feed yourself. What's popular right now? Pretty much anything BUT grains. You are told not to eat wheat or bread. You are told to eat lots of meat. You may even be told NOT to eat certain fruits & vegetables. Dairy is definitely out. Then you're told to take supplemental vitamins (which are synthetic). If you're overweight, you'll likely be told to take medications like Ozampek or pursue another pharmaceutical diet like HCG. Then you need medications for the cholesterol, the blood pressure, the diabetes, etc. (not fiber, vitamins, minerals & enzymes which address all of these issues AND you would be consuming them naturally in the form of whole grains and whole fruits & veggies.) What in the world?!? And don't even get me started on all the soda! It's literally addictive, but we consume enormous quantities of it, all while believing we cannot eat BREAD.

With all of this craziness, it makes sense that you will also need an anti depressant to help you deal with the fact that none of this will sit right.

The fact is, real FOOD is medicine. You'll have to go against that little voice in your head that will be very persistent in telling you "no bread", "no fat", "no dairy", no______ you fill in the blank".

But you can do it! 

People are discovering the truth every day!!! And the truth is that eating real food, including, maybe even especially, whole grains, improves your health!!! You lose weight, you gain energy, you feel satisfied. You get OFF of medication. YOU GET YOUR LIFE BACK!

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