Forget about easy & embrace SIMPLE instead.

So what happens when we feel food overwhelm? We reach for fast food or for some processed convenience food product to help us out. It makes the moment. But does it really?

Our Clean Food Mission
Your food is more powerful than you might think. Find out why clean food matters.
Why You Shouldn't Overlook Sourdough

We've all heard of sourdough, but in our modern world, it's generally a misunderstood and under-appreciated form of bread craftsmanship. Offering a distinct texture and flavor, and a myriad of health benefits, sourdough is worth another look.

Clean Food Care
Clean food removes artificial and highly processed ingredients, and replaces them with simple, natural ingredients your body was designed to be fed. It's a simple definition, but what does that mean in practice?
Bread Baking Basics, pt. 1
We'll cut straight to the heart of today's message: baking bread is not as hard as you might think.
Bread Baking Basics, pt. 2
Welcome to part two of Bread Baking Basics! In this chapter, we'll go into more detail about ingredients. We'll talk about what makes sandwich bread different, learn a little more about yeast, explore how ingredients can play different roles in a recipe, and discuss the ideas of quality, options, and substitutions.
Bread Baking Basics, pt. 3
Remember when we said that bread can be as simple as mix-rise-bake? This is still true, but most loaves actually go through a five step process: mix-rise-knead-rise-bake. We'll explain the basics of this process and share everything you need to know to get started.
Bread Baking Basics, pt. 4
You've made it to part 4! As promised, this last chapter contains a recipe to help you get started. Modify this recipe (or ignore it altogether and create your own), but we wanted to provide a starting point. There are...