Forget about easy & embrace SIMPLE instead.

John & I have spent the last 10 + years of our lives in our family & in our business highly focused on how to simplify food.

Our experience has taught us that people have made food way, way too complicated!

And I mean complicated in every way. Just think about how often you see a new news story or study about yet another food you are or aren't supposed to eat. Who can even keep up with this?

People have also made it complicated to figure out where to buy food, who to trust to grow it & the best ways to prepare it.

So what happens when we feel food overwhelm? We reach for fast food or for some processed convenience food product to help us out. It makes the moment. But does it really?

Because even though these food choices seem simple (AKA easier) on the surface, this route is the one that actually leads us to more complications in the long run! Wow! A double whammy!

Not all, but MANY of our health & weight issues are related to our food. We know this, and yet the only solution is to stop reaching for the latest fads, stop buying the easiest convenience food product and stop yourself from jumping into the next fast food line. We need to

simplify the food in our life.

So how do you do this? We talk about it in depth in our Pantry Basics & Intermediate Pantry Workshops. First you have to accept that none of it is truly easy.

Easy is just an illusion, a lie. Weight gain and expensive health issues are not easy. Making a gazillion last minute trips to the grocery store is actually not easy! Feeling stressed out about coupons or getting the absolute cheapest, lowest price deal is also not easy!

And creating your own pantry and preparing food at home is also not easy, but it IS simple and the payoff is enormous in terms of your health, your weight, your lower stress level & your peace of mind.

If you're looking for ways to simplify food, and we totally suggest that you do, you need to sign up for a Pantry Workshop. Tell that nagging voice that just popped into your head telling you this doesn't apply to you to please be quiet. You do need to learn how to eat from your own pantry. You do need to understand how to simplify food so you can eat better, feel better, and spend your time better.

We'll see you in class!


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