Start Calling it What it IS

Processed food has become so mainstream that what we call a loaf of bread isn't really bread anymore. So when I hear people say things like, "I can't eat bread, it makes me fat," or "I'm dieting, cookies are out," my response is YES YOU CAN!

Why? Because what you think is "bread" isn't bread, unless you make it correctly yourself or buy it from someone like us. Just because someone calls it the "thing" doesn't mean it's really the "thing." And just because the fake version is so prevalent doesn't mean the REAL thing should be off limits.

In fact, this is where fad elimination diets make their entrance, often leading people to what? More PROCESSED food! It's marked "Keto" or "Paleo" or "Low Carb" but that is terribly misleading. Processed food is processed food, and it's dangerous, no matter what fad it claims to represent.

I refuse to call the grocery store version of the "cookie" a cookie any longer. It's no more a cookie than I am a cat. It's a conglomeration of dangerous chemical food products masquerading as a cookie. I call that an imposter. Instead, I will confidently call the actual cookie made by US a cookie and I will proudly enjoy eating one. And the same goes for our bread, our jam, our lasagna, our get the picture.

Watch out for the most common dirty food culprits. Those would be ALL bakery items, prepared meals, spice blends and sauces and pre-packaged foods. Become a scrupulous label reader and you'll soon see exactly what I mean. But please don't get discouraged. Real versions are out there! This is the entire reason we do what we do!

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