Jason Mow

Jason is a third generation Arizonan and was born and raised in Mesa. Jason attended Mesa high School where he lettered in three different varsity sports, football, wrestling and track, sang in the acapella choir, was also a member of the high school LDS seminary counsel, an Eagle Scout, and was very active in the community.

After graduating from high school, Jason refused a college scholarship to serve a two year volunteer mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints in the Spokane Washington Mission.

After honorably serving as a missionary, Jason returned home and joined the U.S. Army.  He served in the army for 8 years as a Paratrooper and Military Police Officer. There he rose through the military ranks as a firearms, hand to hand combat, and (CQB) or close quarters battle instructor. Jason served on a joint federal counter narcotics taskforce, worked as a personal body guard for foreign heads of state and high ranking military members, and as a combat team leader deployed to hostile areas in support of America’s interest overseas.  The culmination of his military career came when he was chosen to be one of the Team Sergeants for the Army SRT (Special Reaction Team).  An elite unit tasked with conducting hostage rescue missions and counter terrorism operations.

In 1998 Jason left the Army and moved back to Arizona where he worked as a Police Officer for the City of Chandler Arizona and the Phoenix Police Department where he was medically retired in 2017 after being critically wounded in the line of duty.  

During his career as a Police Officer, Jason has worked as a patrol officer, gang detective, narcotics detective, Field Training Officer, and academy instructor certified to teach in firearms, defensive tactics, tactical driving and tactical rifle operations.  Jason also spent several years on SWAT where he was the point man and lead instructor. In 2006, Jason was recruited by the U.S. State Dept to go to Afghanistan and work as a civilian contractor for the International Narcotics and Law enforcement Program.  Jason spent 13 months in Afghanistan working with the military as a contactor teaching afghan soldiers how to be Police Officers, destroying poppy fields, fighting human smuggling, and acting as a body guard for diplomats and government officials. Jason also lived with and worked with the nomadic mountain tribes mentoring tribal village elders and helping them to establish a constitutional form of government.

Jason is the owner of Ethos Productions, a company that produces faith promoting experiences through multimedia. He also worked with Hollywood to train and advise actors on how to look, sound, and act like police officers and soldiers.  Jason was a professional actor and spokesperson.  He has appeared in film projects, on television, social media and the on the radio. He is also a motivational speaker, mentor, life coach and involved in politics. 

Jason has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University, and has twice been awarded the Law Enforcement Medal of Honor for gallant bravery in the line of duty. He was recognized as the Community Services Officer of the Year for his department. 

Jason volunteers his time and skills doing humanitarian work by conducting personal recovery operations, disaster relief, providing medical aid, and security, all in response to natural disasters around the world. He has deployed to assist during such events like Hurricane Katrina and the deadly earthquake in Haiti. 

Through faith and determination Jason has overcome learning disabilities, a troubled childhood full of abuse and addictions, a debilitating disease, being critically wounded in the line of duty and tremendous personal tragedies to stand as an example of the power of righteousness and that with God’s help you can overcome any obstacle and do anything you set your mind to.