Meet Our Presenters

Our May conference was a great success!! We're doing it again in the Fall-stay tuned for details!

Home & Personal Defense
Jason Mow

Jason has more than 30 years of experience in firearms & personal safety. He served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper & close quarters battle instructor, as an officer on the Chandler City Police Department SWAT team, and as a private contractor in Afghanistan. He retired as a police officer with the Phoenix Police Department. He will be focusing on self defense and personal safety. We're looking forward to his presentation filled with scenarios and demonstrations as we gain insight into the minds of the bad guys and what to do to protect ourselves!

Angela Valdez

Angela is a personal trainer, certified yoga instructor, former gym owner & competitive fitness model. She's passionate about making fitness an enjoyable part of daily life. She knows how to get results, no matter what your personal fitness goals are, and we're thrilled to have her share her wisdom & expertise with us.

Jessica Fishman

Jessica is an expert in human nutrition & a breast cancer survivor who is passionate about being well. She understands both the physical and psychological science behind nutrition and our relationship with food. At this conference she'll focus on fundamental principles of nutrition while addressing some of the mental struggles many people face in a society of food information overload. You can learn more about Jessica's journey by following her on instagram.

Gardening Presenter
Emily Heller

Emily grows flowers and produce through her farming project called Bene Vivendo. She grows at multiple locations in the Phoenix metro area and follows organic practices. She's coming back to the conference to present about composting, and she will deliver an information packed presentation!

Emily is also teaching our gardening workshops! Next up "Solarization" on June 3rd and "Monsoon Season Gardening" on June 10th. Sign up and get access to Emily's expertise in a small group workshop!

Creating a pantry that works
Sarah Alldredge

Sarah has spent the last 20 years working in a kitchen-half of those without a good pantry system & the other half with one that actually works (at Bread Brothers Bakery)! She's excited to share how systems used by food professionals can transform the food prep. experience in your home and the tremendous impact this will have on your overall health.