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Expert guest speakers inform, inspire and empower all who attend our Life Skills Conferences. Come learn more about pantry systems, nutrition, personal safety & home defense, gardening & more!


Meet Our Presenters

Our life skills conference boasts a lineup of expert presenters who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With diverse backgrounds and expertise in areas such as baking, home & personal defense, and organic gardening, our presenters are poised to inspire and equip attendees with essential life skills for success.

Home & Personal Defense
Jason Mow

Jason has more than 30 years of experience in firearms & personal safety. He served in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper & close quarters battle instructor, as an officer on the Chandler City Police Department SWAT team, as a private contractor in Afghanistan. He retired as a police officer with the Phoenix Police Department. He will be presenting his framework for developing skills in personal & home defense.

Jason also teaches our Basic Firearms courses, Private Range Sessions & our CCW Permit course. See firearms courses here.

NEW-Jason is also scheduling personal Home Security Evaluations! Learn what you can do to improve your home's security from the perspective of a man who knows what both criminals & law enforcement officers see when they look at your home.

Creating a pantry that works
Sarah Alldredge

Sarah has spent the last 20 years working in a kitchen-half of those without a good pantry system & the other half with one that actually works. She's excited to share how techniques used by food professionals can transform the food prep. experience in your home and the tremendous impact this will have on your overall health.

Gardening Presenter
Emily Heller

Emily grows flowers and produce through her farming project called Bene Vivendo. She grows at multiple locations in the Phoenix metro area and follows organic practices. She's coming back to the conference to present about composting, and she will deliver an information packed presentation!

Emily is also teaching our gardening workshops! Next up "Solarization" on June 3rd and "Monsoon Season Gardening" on June 10th. Sign up and get access to Emily's expertise in a small group workshop!

Break out sessions

Get more in-depth instruction on topics covered at the conference! Sign up for a break out session workshop!